Ryan Selzer, LCSW

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. 
Tell about it.” 

-Mary Oliver

My Practice

Psychotherapy is a relationship rooted in conversation, where healing and transformation can occur because of the brave intimacy it requires. Engaging in this process is a sacred endeavor that creates space for listening and generates a mutual striving to be understood. Such a ritual exists across every culture, because it is a human need to be seen and heard, and to seek meaning in one’s life.

As in any relationship, a productive exchange between therapist and client can only occur when each participant feels safe, seen, and positively regarded. To build this trust, I bring warmth, empathy, reflection, an engaging and interactive style, and a healthy sense of humor to my work. I begin with YOU, the seeker and I meet you where you are when you come to therapy. Together, we collaborate on what you want to understand, explore, shift, nurture, and improve. I carefully listen while also:

  • Offering unconditional positive regard and safety to explore complex dynamics

  • Acknowledging the joys and hardships of life

  • Practicing transparency and reflection

  • Honoring and respecting the strength in people to determine their own path

To benefit and deepen our work, I draw on my multidisciplinary training, my years of practice, all that I have learned along the way from mentors and patients, and my own experience as a patient (yes, therapists need therapists, too!).   


My practice is committed to serving clients from all backgrounds and identities without discrimination. I welcome the opportunity to work with a wide range of people, such as:

  • Individuals

  • Couples (Dating, Engaged, Married, Separated, Monogamous, Non-Monogamous)

  • Families

  • Adolescents (age 13+)

In a warm, open-minded environment, we are free to discuss a variety of topics, including but not limited to: relationship issues, family conflict, anxiety, depression, loss, and life transitions. I work with clients to strengthen communication skills, improve self-esteem, and develop strategies for coping with life's challenges. Sessions also include opportunities for reflection and celebration.



Initial Session
1 hour in-person intake session to learn about each other and determine if it’s a good fit.

Individual Session
45 minute private therapy session

Couples / Families Session
1 hour private therapy session

Video Session
Because I aim to be as flexible as possible in working with clients’ schedules, video sessions are available for all session types and lengths listed above. Must be preceded by an in-person meeting and are subject to my professional assessment of efficacy.

Health Insurance Reimbursement
Like many qualified mental health professionals, I am not in-network with any insurance providers.

However, if you have out-of-network mental or behavioral health benefits in your insurance plan, you may be entitled to partial reimbursement of my fee. Some providers require pre-certification or pre-authorization of these services. Please check with your insurance provider to determine this.

I provide a monthly receipt that is suitable for filing health insurance claims.

About Me

My journey to find my professional identity has not been a straight line. I pursued a career in television and film, which led me to work on HBO’s groundbreaking drama “In Treatment” about a psychotherapist and the ways in which his professional life dovetails with his own experience as a patient. I also worked as an associate producer on Showtime’s drama “The Affair,” which unfolds the story of an affair through Rashomon-style multiple perspectives, comparing and contrasting her/his viewpoints. I continue to develop this part of my life as a producer and storyteller. This work has enriched my life greatly, leading me to collaborate with people from all walks of life, and it continues to inform my work as a psychotherapist.

After graduating with a BA from Bard College and a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from Bryn Mawr College in 2012, I completed a two-year post-graduate training in relational family therapy at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in NYC from 2012 to 2014. While the Ackerman relational model does inform my practice, I recognize that one style is not suitable for all and I therefore personalize my approach as I collaborate with each individual, couple, or family during our sessions.


  • PMAD (Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders) from Postpartum Support International (PSI)

  • Ackerman Institute for the Family 

  • Diagnostic Assessment and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Bryn Mawr College



If my approach to therapy speaks to you, I hope you will reach out. Feel free to contact me directly at 862-800-5699 or ryan@ryanselzer.com

Otherwise, use the form below to send me a private message. I am committed to responding to inquiries quickly and with discretion. Looking forward to connecting!

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158 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217